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Real amazing. Sets a tone and sticks with it the entire song. Good job.

Good music, terrible mixing.

Pretty sweet.

AMAZING! Can I please use this in an upcoming game?


I don't usually write reviews for songs, but this one was great. Really epic. The only thing that annoyed me was the little tongue click or whatever in the voice. Kinda ruined it, but still a great song. Kudos to you.

combatplayer responds:

thank ye much! back when i made this i couldn't hear the click at all, my speakers were garbage. now that i hear it again i agree that it's kinda distracting.

Nice. Sounds good.

Mawnz responds:

Thanks a bunch! Will try to upload something longer soon :)

Woah, epic as heck. Glad I subscribed. Keep it up!

Mawnz responds:

Thanks man! Glad I can please some :) I'll try to make better and better tunes in the future.

Wow... very relaxing. Very good.

Mawnz responds:

That's what I was going for, thanks dude! Might extend it.

Sweet sounds. :) There just seemed to be something missing, or the sound quality was terrible, or SOMETHING. Anyway, nice work.

Mawnz responds:

Thanks, yea I dunno about this one :p Might be a bit too risky to use this song for the first round... I had my catchy melody and tried to develop from that adding different elements, changing volume levels and stuff, but it was kind of forced. Meaning I had a hard time figuring out what I really wanted in it, and I still don't really know for sure. Thanks for listening and the review though GMR516!
EDIT: I think the sound quality is a little better now! I hope so at least haha

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